Hello, and welcome.

Thank you for coming to support my blog, which consists of the random musings of one man’s mind. Some will be better than others, while others might be shorter than the ones that came before. Either way, I am excited for you to read them and form your own opinions.

I can announce, with absolute certainty, that content will be posted, at the very least, on the first of every month. I can also announce, with only relative certainty, that some months might have more posts than others. If you would like to, you can subscribe to this page to be informed every time new content is uploaded; or just check in on the first of every month.

As this is a fun space to connect with my creative self, I cannot promise anything will be particularly profound or eternally enlightening; however, I can promise that it will have, in some small way, made an impact on how I see the world and my place in it. Maybe, by letting others read it, it could do the same for you.