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In Naruto, the strength of taijutsu abilities is directly proportional to the user’s natural ability and knowledge of martial arts.

Ninjutsu is the most versatile jutsu category in Naruto: requiring hand seals and chakra, ninjutsu finds roots in every technique classification.

In Naruto, genjutsu targets the mind to produce false images, and the real-world ramifications of these visions are deadly.

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Joseph Messink (J.M. Menkiss) is an author and freelance writer based in the Chicago area. He works as an Anime Lists Writer at CBR, a content contributor to Tales, and a CEC at TJX Retailers. An English/Writing graduate from Carroll University, Joseph is currently pursuing a Masters of Education at DePaul University.


  • Deirdre Keenan Award for Excellence In Writing: 1st prize
  • Milwaukee Award for Best of Undergraduate Writers: 1 of 3
  • Features Editor/Writer for Portage Literary Magazine: 2019 Issue
  • Launched Global Student Society: Aberystwyth University, Wales

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