Rape . Seed

Deafness fall upon me,

foul words I’ll heed no more

as you scatter them like Rapeseed

at the Earth outside my door.

From bloom of sickly spindles,

leaves of cabbage, white as milk,

petals burnt a Yield-less Yellow,

they asphyxiate their ilk.

Their nettles rise to meet my feet,

draw blood like mourning dew,

I grind them deeper than the roots

as I chop the ancient Yew.

In the clouded fields of Heaven

does a copse of flowers grow:

stem of emerald, petals pale-pink,

beneath gold sun, they glow.

Inside each bud, a person lay

in silent solace, there

forms a thornless, midnight rose

she weaves fast into her hair.

The ones who wait at Garden’s Gate

with water gourd in hand

shall pull from time the Evergreen Vine

of stewards for the land.

But like Adam come to Eden, too,

in dark dogwood you’ll find

another’s tainted finger who

dares pluck out yours or mine.

So I summon every Angel, be you

Winged, Felled, or Arch,

beat witness to my words to

make them corporeal as bark.

For those whose fielded flower’s fate

was tramped long before my prayer:

for every petal stolen,

plant a seed of Healing there.

For those who bore in silence

wicked deeds, both seen and done:

let words sow seeds that sprout

like weeds to blot out putrid Suns.

For the brazen, cursed heathen who steals

blooms for wilted, withered crowns:

let Judgement pass, sure and fast,

in lake of fire, swim and drown.

For those who wish to stop my chant—

my words are Rapeseed.


You can’t.

On windy current and water’s flow:




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