About Me

Joseph Messink

Hello; I’m a freelance writer based out of Chicago. Besides working as an Anime Lists Writer for CBR, I’m currently pursuing other projects like “Curse of the NonSol Isles”, an interactive story published through the Tales App. Other ventures include completing my novel, which currently sits in its second draft at 85,000 words; entitled “Meet Me at the Tomb,” it describes the coming-of-age journey of a boy who must make decisive choices necessary to his survival.

I’ve emulated this behavior often in my own life. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Carroll University, I’ve worked a variety of “odd” but fulfilling jobs: from a content writer to Features Editor, English tutor to office administrator, life’s afforded me many opportunities to flex my typing fingers and make use of my degree. These are experiences I would not change, as they’ve made me a stronger writer, reader, and person in general. I owe much to my Alma Mater and the educators I was blessed to have met there.

The most important lesson I gained from them is this:

Never underestimate the power of a word. One can make a monumental difference. It is our job as readers to uncover what makes words so powerful; only afterward, and through careful study, can we determine as writers how to wield them.

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