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The Boy Aboard The Train

There was this time I saw a boy who rode inside a train; he rode alone, and read his book, in silence filled with rain. I peeped him through the windows while I walked along the tracks and, although I hadn’t seen his face, I knew his story front to back. Laid across his silken cover, etching deep into his spine, read the boy’s Life title of cursive script in lines so fine. His faceContinue reading “The Boy Aboard The Train”

Mirror To Another World

This story is an excerpt from my book, Curse of the NonSol Isles, which was pitched in early February and accepted for publication by Tales; Tales is an interactive story-telling platform that provides creators with data to find story/market fit and the economics to scale ideas into massive franchises. By downloading the app, you can continue the story as chapters are uploaded here! I led a pretty uneventful life, to tell you the truth. IContinue reading “Mirror To Another World”

A Story about The Woman

Once, there lived a boy who fell sick. Due to his parents also being sickly, the boy was cared for by his elderly grandfather. After seeing him through the worst of the illness, the boy’s grandfather carried him out into the garden and sat upon a swing. Extremely tired, the boy sank deeply into the man’s steady arms and closed his eyes. The old man kissed the boy’s forehead and, taking a moment to clearContinue reading “A Story about The Woman”

The Succession of Seeds

“They’re all dead!” A gust of wind blew hot and heavy through the yard, carrying his voice over it as his words fell like knives, their points burrowing deep into the grass. And my heart. Just beneath the window, I sat amongst the sunken stems and withered leaves of the garden as my breath was ripped from me by the sobs now echoing from upstairs. Sunlight poured like cream from a bowl of clear-blue, cloudlessContinue reading “The Succession of Seeds”


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